Our goal in the three and four year old preschool classes is to provide a warm and stimulating environment where children will feel safe and free to explore the world around them. We work to help children gain confidence in themselves as they become leaders, adapt to group experiences, and learn to respect the feelings of others 
     The preschool curriculum introduces concepts and skills that provide a developmentally appropriate foundation for future learning. materials in the classroom are engaging and enriching, encouraging imagination and socialization. The children will explore various themes throughout the school year which will integrate the following:

Language Arts
- using language to express ideas and answer questions
- vocabulary enrichment
- creative expression and dramatic play
- visual development: shapes, colors, visual discrimination and memory, name recognition and letter recognition 
- auditory development: learning to follow verbal directions, auditory discrimination and memory, listening comprehension, phonics
- developing a positive attitude toward reading and love of literature 

- matching, sequencing, sorting, patterns, spatial relationships, comparing, counting, graphing, measurements, number recognition, calendar skills

- exploring, experimenting, discovering, and developing an awareness of the changing world

Social Studies
- learning about our classroom community (routines, rhythms, rules) in order to function as a group
- recognizing likenesses and differences among peer group
- learning respect for and acceptance of varied ideas and opinions 

- developing fine motor coordination through cutting, folding, tracing, drawing, writing, and painting
- becoming aware of color, shape, size, texture
- spatial reasoning
- developing self expression

- singing for fun
- listening to a diverse collection of music
- finger plays to improve coordination and use imagination
- rhythm and movement for large motor development

Physical Education
- body awareness, movement, eye-hand coordination, gross motor skill development

The children's activities will be centered around themes. Keeping the themes rather general allow enough flexibility for us to follow the children's interests, be spontaneous, and take advantage of learning opportunities as they arise. As the children bring projects home, or talk about their day, we hope that parents will recognize and reinforce the skills which have been integrated into each activity. Notes will be sent home regularly letting parents know about current themes. We welcome anything  parents would like to share with the class pertaining to the theme: books, CD's, photos, or demonstrations. We believe partnering with parents will give children the best possible school experience.